It is a Damon Runyon story, but without the character voices

A labor of love and a tribute to Senate staff

A 27-hour audiobook that took more than 100 hours to produce

I just completed the narration of the Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence on Russian Active Measures Campaigns and Interference in the 2016 U.S. Election, Volume 5: Counterintelligence Threats and Vulnerabilities. The narration was an opportunity for me…

Forget the Arrow of Time and the Grandfather Paradox

If I had a time machine, I’d head back in time to Southern California, arriving on February 20, 1944, at Burbank airport near of Los Angles, where a young Army Air Force pilot in the newly-minted 436th Fighter Squadron, is about to give a pretty girl a ride in a…

Grief as a dead-end or as a guide forward

One of the things I learned early on as a photographer and as an artist, is the importance of applying the creative instinct when things in life go south and grief threatens to settle in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with grief — it is a fundamental ,part of human…

Boomers are leaving behind a mess; our kids and theirs are left to clean it up, if they can.

The Boomer mill wheel, 70 years in the making, is crushing the future

This essay continues a familiar drumbeat to those who have followed my various social media postings over the past few years. For more than a decade I have felt like Cassandra among the disbelievers, the deniers, the hopeless optimists who don’t want to face the reality that the mill wheel…

Fear and loathing in the Lone Star State

Texas, Texas, Texas. What a failure of a state you have become. More specifically, what a failure of government you have elected and continue to enable. Your Republican legislators and chief executive, along with other power-besotted knuckle-draggers from Florida to the Dakotas are lined up with their backs against the…

Could my mother’s death resurrect something that had died in me?

May 3, 1997

Walking the tightrope between here and the hereafter

Hummingbirds are hovering at their feeder, tiny pulsating out-of-focus splashes of blue-green iridescence shimmering just inches away just outside the bedroom window. Beyond the window, past the hummingbirds, past the garden of emerging flowers edging the neatly trimmed lawn, beyond our small lake surrounded by willows and sycamores, the Virginia…

The Vatican’s latest pronouncement reflects the hubris of fallible institutions interpreting infallible deities in the ultimate game of telephone

Officiating at a sacred ceremony

A few years ago, I had the privilege to be a Virginia-state-sanctioned officiant at the civil wedding of two people who loved each other very much. They were high school classmates fifty years before I pronounced them married. Through my wife’s experience at the same school at the same time…

The presidential transition thus far is a drama straight from the Bard’s darkest tales

I think it’s fair to say that most Americans — and, frankly, most citizens of the world with access to some degree of news and information — are glad the 2020 election is, for the most part, all over but for the sore-loser shouting “Stolen election!”

Personal experience

As I write this…

Jim Moore

Journalist, former Capitol Hill staff (House and Senate), former Cabinet speechwriter, editor, photojournalist and bird photographer. Top Writer Quora 2016–2017

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