Chris, having spent almost 55 of my 70 years in journalism and politics (House, Senate, and the Executive Branch), with most of those years traveling across the U.S. and to a wide variety of foreign destinations, I’ve come to respect the ability of my fellow Americans to recognize their mutual responsibility to right wrongs and seek a new and better path when faced with the existential peril of making a second poor choice. If one puts aside the lockstep cadre of non-swerving Trump supporters and considers the real possibility that many 2016 voters who cast their ballot for Trump because they were adamantly opposed to Clinton are now experiencing buyer’s remorse, i do believe there is a chance they will not vote for Trump again.

The trick of course, is to get those voters to want to go the polling places instead of throwing their hands up and not voting at all. In the main, I believe voters in November will consider the overwhelming evidence of a presidency that has gone off the rails, and will choose a left-of-center moderate (perhaps not a far-left progressive) to calm the waters of our national discontent and fracture. Just my opinion, of course.

Journalist, former Capitol Hill staff (House and Senate), former Cabinet speechwriter, editor, photojournalist and bird photographer. Top Writer Quora 2016–2017

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